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Trending Home Designs You Must Try In 2017


The make-it-your-own movement continues to influence home improvement trends, and this year is no different. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite interior updates that can easily be incorporated to personalize any space.

Indoor Gardening

Plants are simple; they have very few basic needs, which makes them gorgeous display pieces in any home setting.


Here’s a tip: don’t limit all your plants to a tiny pot. Lush greenery that flourishes and climbs can fill and enliven any corner.

A little less confident? Mini cacti and succulents create an intriguing still life that can be equally colorful.


Nisaku has a wonderful array of hand garden tools for easy indoor growing maintenance.

Wild Wallpaper

We’ve always adored wallpaper, even when it wasn’t considered “on-trend.” Its ability to portray color, pattern and texture can brighten an entire room, be added as an accent wall, or create a back-splash between bookshelves and cabinetry.


And with the introduction of easily removable options and task-specific tools, the concern that any paper is permanent is a worry of the past.

Marble and geometric impressions are our top print picks.


Copper Accents

Copper is very easy to incorporate into your décor – and the best part is that a little goes a long way!


We love the scintillating effect and bold, but warm elegance copper presents. I’s a clever accent that brings focus into your most lived-in spaces.

Jewel Tones

The rich coloring of precious stones is a trend we’re used to seeing in clothing and accessories. But this year, it’s time to bring them into your living  spaces.

Bold color palettes are surprisingly easy to incorporate and are the perfect inspiration if you’re looking for a big change.

Matte Finishes

Matte will have its moment in 2017, with white, black and grey pastels.

It works because the industrial vibe pairs well with a cool, toned down finish that offsets polished metals and glossy woods.


What trend is your favorite? We want to hear about your DIY plans in the comments!

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