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4 Home Improvement Projects To Beat The Winter Blues

We’re already halfway to spring, but the coldest months of winter still lie ahead. And if you’re anything like us, the thought of being stuck inside is not one that is met with content.

Cure cabin fever with some fun, easy and inexpensive home improvement projects that are not only rewarding, but can increase your property value, conserve energy costs and improve your quality of life.

Walls That Wow

Many homeowners underestimate the power of the obvious. Refreshing your walls with a bold coat of paint and adding modern trim and molding can completely change the aura of a room.


Create visual interest with an accent wall, add texture and pattern with printed wallpaper or create a custom design using painter’s tape to achieve a scratch-board effect.

cozy-blue-living-room_amazing-tosca-wallpaper_elegant-transparent-flower-vase_amazing-blue-velvet-couchhoneycomb_wall_calloutWe also love the new paint roller trend, which is lovely for layering dual tones.


Add A Splash Of Personality

Update your kitchen by adding a DIY backsplash. Go natural with stone, classic with subway tile, modern with metal or funky with geometrics!

Not too familiar with laying tile? No problem! Most Big Box home improvement stores like Lowe’s and Home Depot offer free workshops. Plus, many backsplashes come in large mat-like pieces and even peel and stick applications, making it very easy for a novice to create a beautiful accent without all the frustration and mess.


The best tip we can give you on installing your own backsplash is to prep and plan! Lay out a template before application to ensure you do not run into any irregular lines or spaces. And failing to clean the excess grout off the tile when wet will cause a glaze that is almost impossible to remove once dry.

Light It Up

Instantly brighten and warm up any room with new lighting.  Opting for a modern standing lamp with an edgy shape or a table lamp with a colorful shade can transform any space.


Swapping old bulbs for LEDs or installing dimmers are both cost effective upgrades that allow you to customize the ambiance of your space.

Adore Your Entryway

Usually an afterthought, the doors in your home could probably use some TLC. One of the most used access points, bedroom and entryway doors are subject to unavoidable scratches and cracks from longtime use.

You may consider switching to a whole new type of door which is more functional and attractive pertaining to your style. For example, double doors are a great alternative to sliding or bi-fold models, while famed French doors let in natural light and add architectural detail to fuse indoor and outdoor spaces.


And updating to new knobs or hinges is another great change DIY job that can easily be done in a weekend with instant results.

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