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The Gadget Guru: Battery Adapters – Do They Really Work?

Here’s a common problem: you need to power a device that runs on C cells, but all you have are triple A’s.

It’s really quite easy to convert an AAA battery into a larger sized canister. What is not commonly known is that a C battery is nearly identical to its AAA counterpart in terms of height. The only difference is the diameter of cylinder which holds the metal and chemicals that power the battery.

Practical and helpful, a battery adapter is an essential gizmo for having on hand during emergencies or just to save a few bucks! AAA batteries are notoriously less expensive and more efficient than a C size.

The best part about an adapter is that the conversion doesn’t involve dangerously altering any internal function of the battery, and saves you the frustration of fidgeting with scissors, cardboard and tape that homemade conversion methods require.

And when you need a larger sized battery on short notice, like during a power outage, that most flashlights, radios and other equipment require, scouring the house for all those items is just not practical.

For only $8.00, you can pick up a 3-pack battery adapter set from Nisaku. We find their version has the most sturdy construction and easy use factor – simply slide 4 AAA batteries into the shell).




  • Compact in size and light in weight
  • Comes with 3 adapters
  • Convert any AAA battery to a C battery
  • Perfect for electronics and emergency situations
  • Bright colors make them easy to find in a draawer or bag
  • A  handy gadget to keep close at hand, at home, at the office, etc

Check it our for yourself by clicking here

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