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Holiday Hosting Hacks To Create More Table Space

Thanksgiving is only days away, and Christmas isn’t far behind. The “how am I going to get this all done?” anxiety has started to settle in, and while you’re happy to open up your home to friends and family, there’s always an issue with space…and we all know sitting on the sharp corner, straddling one leg is the worst seat when trying to enjoy dinner.

Tight seating may seem to be a rite of passage at holiday gatherings, but it doesn’t have to be. We’ve collected some tricks to help make seating arrangements more spacious.

Less Is More

Clear the dining room table of non-essentials. This minimalist approach may impede on your décor ideas, but it will make the room appear more spacious and comfortable.

Remove any small furnishings nearby as well, which could crowd the table and make moving around more difficult.

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Opt For Buffet Style

Direct guests away from the dining room and into the kitchen. A buffet takes the burden off your table, and makes it much easier for guests to access food without reaching over one another and passing hot stoneware.

Add A Bench

Chairs, especially with arms, are bulky and take up a lot of space around the table. If you find your guests are habitually squished, elbow to elbow, considering opting for a bench, which will fit more people and allow everyone to get seconds and dessert without having to fuss with a chair.


Create a Kids Table

If your friends and family are large in numbers, avoid overwhelming the dining room and establish a separate table for the kids. It will free up some seating and allow rambunctious little ones to keep their energy contained.

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Head Outdoors

If you live in a region with a warmer climate, take the annual feast outside for limitless space and a bit of sunshine!


Get Creative With Space

If you still need some length, and do not have a table that extends, try placing a sheet of plywood over your table top. With a tablecloth draped over, no one will know the difference.

You may have to reposition the table if you’ve added some length. Try moving it diagonally to give a little more breathing room to guests on the ends, and add a few more seating spaces.


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