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The Snow Melt Effect: New Versus Old Pavement

With the weather soon promising to deliver snow, now is the best time to stock up on ice melt. This habitual routine may be something you do mindlessly. But it’s interesting to know that the amount of snow melt you may need will differ heavily depending upon the age of your driveway.

Older asphalt and concrete pavements are not treated with the same materials that newer pavements are given. This treatment for newer pavement allows snow to melt faster and decreases accumulation, making the roads easier to travel.

The different types of treatments for pavement is important to understand, especially when replacing your own driveway. Using newer treatments and surfaces will make your driveway a better tool for melting snow, and seasonal clearing less strenuous.

Snow Melt Effects On Pavement

Older driveways that are untreated by default are more susceptible to the buildup of ice and damage from snow removal tools such as corrosive salts, shovels and snow blowers.


Newer asphalt roads are designed to allow snow to melt easily and drain from the surface. Chemical treatments that are added to the finish aid in this increased melting by raising the temperature of the surface so that they can retain heat and melt snow.

Using Snow Melt Technologies On Driveways

Whether your driveway is old or new, we’re going to share our best secret to effortlessly melting wintry messes and reducing the amount of clearing you’ll have to do.

Our favorite blends of snow melt comes from Snow Joe, who has 3 different types of formulas (calcium chloride crystals, environmentally friendly crystals and calcium chloride pellets) designed to quickly, safely and effectively tackle frozen snow, sleet and ice around your property during the winter season.


  • MELTS DOWN TO -25°F: MELT effectively melt ice and snow on contact, even at temperatures as low as -25°F
  • INSTANT HEAT: MELT generates heat instantly upon contact with snow and ice, thereby accelerating the melting process.
  • FAST ACTING: MELT is specially formulated with super-enhanced melting properties to deliver fast and reliable results.
  • LONG LASTING: Formulated to last up to 24 hours, MELT goes to work immediately upon contact with snow and ice and continue working all day long to ensure your surfaces are safer and ice-free.
  • NON-TRACKING: When used as directed, MELT will not track from your shoes onto your home’s floors or carpets.
  • EASY TO DISPENSE: MELT is treated with an anti-caking agent to extend shelf-life and improve spreading.



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