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Cheap + Easy Outdoor Lighting Ideas

There’s something undeniably magical about the soft glow of lights that can make even the most ordinary space feel transformative.

Proper lighting is an essential compliment to any outdoor area, but don’t immediately get discouraged by the thought of costly electricians or complicated wiring. Elegant do-it-yourself options can be cheap and easy to provide the ambiance you desire.

Flameless Fire Pit

Keep a fire pit or bowl glowing all season long with string lights loosely draped over a stock of logs.


Canning Jars

Mason jars with tea lights create a twinkling atmosphere at any outdoor gathering. Suspend from tree branches, place on railings and tables, or drape from stakes to instantly set the mood.

Paper Lanterns

Paper lanterns come in endless colors and styles, making it simple to find one that fits your look.


String Light Poles

No trees? No problem! Create a canopy of string lights in a cinch without permanence by filling planters with cement to anchor wooden rods for hanging.


Or simply scallop along stakes for a faux fencing look.


Recycled Glass

Fairy lights have the ability to enliven any glass object. Before you toss away the recycling, salvage some colored wine bottles and empty jars. You’ll adore the sparkling effect that looks like you’ve caught a million fireflies.


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