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DIY Home Projects You Can Complete In A Weekend

Many easy do-it-yourself projects can be finished even by an amateur in just a weekend. There’s an unlimited library of detailed instructions and step-by-step videos that cater to any skill level and can be found on the Internet.

Before getting your hand dirty, it’s wise to invest in these basic tools: hammer, tape measure, utility knife, wrenches, regular and Philips head screwdrivers, tape measure and level.

For projects that require specialty equipment that tends to be expensive, considering borrowing from a friend, renting, or checking out sites like Amazon for the lowest prices. For lawn and garden tools, constantly offers great deals weekly.

Here are 10 cheap, simple DIY projects that will boost your home’s value:

Perhaps the most easy, yet dramatic change you can make in just a few days, painting allows you to go bold by changing up the palette of your entire house, adding an accent wall, or just cleaning up crown molding with a fresh coat of white.

You can even go off the grid and update old cabinets you can’t yet afford to replace with a new hue, or give a new life to old, lackluster furniture.paint-swatch-graphic1-white-cement-guide-to-paint-to-house-inside-wallThe key to painting is in the prep work, including carefully taping around windows and cutting in around the ceiling. Keep that in mind when budgeting the time a project will take.

Change your kitchen or bathroom hardware
This is another one of the easiest projects you can do that will instantly freshen your kitchen or bathroom. Before you start, ensure the new hardware aligns with the existing holes, or the project will expand to include filling old holes and drilling new ones.


Make sure the new pieces will fit snugly by measuring the distance between holes for pulls, and bring an old knob to the hardware store for comparison.

Reorganize a closet
You can purchase a closet-organizing system at any big box variety or home improvement store and install it yourself, or you can create your own system with shelving you buy or already have.


Boost your curb appeal
Repaint your front door or garage doors, add fresh house numbers and a new mailbox. Take care of your first impression, the front yard, by mowing your lawn regularly, planting flowers or trees and cleaning up around garden beds and walkways.


Turn a closet into a mudroom
Many homes have a hall closet immediately when you walk through the front door. But that doesn’t organize the backpacks, shoes, sporting equipment and other items your family brings home and dumps at the entrance. Consider removing the closet doors and adding hooks and shelves to make a space that better suits your family’s needs.


Install updated lighting fixtures
Swapping out one chandelier for another is surprisingly easy, though some light fixture changes are best left to professionals. Something as simple as lighting can have a huge impact. An easier project is to replace your light switch covers with new, clean ones.


Build a stone or brick path
Or even a patio! In many cases, all you need are the stones and some sand.


Replace your shower head
You can quickly endow any shower with a spa-like essence your whole family will appreciate with a rain shower head. You’ll also cut down on your water usage with a more efficient model. Don’t forget the plumber’s tape to wrap the threads before you install the new head.


Add pullouts, shelves and other organizing tools inside your kitchen cabinets
Adding pullout drawers requires a little skill and tools, but inserting wire shelves or a lazy Susan for spices takes no know-how and significantly increases your storage capacity.


Break out the pressure washer
Power wash the exterior of your house, your deck, patio and walkways to remove mud, dirt, mold and other grimy buildup. The Sun Joe SPX 3000 is the current top-seller on Amazon.


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